Principal Investigator

Andrés García

Principal Investigator
Executive Director, Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience

Research Staff

Graham Barber

Eric O'Neill

Research Technician

Postdoctoral Fellows

Luis Arrieta

Tissue engineered intestinal constructs

Eunice Chee

Hydrogels to treated infected bone defects

Ameya Dravid

Engineering lymphoid tissues

Delta Ghoshal

Potency-on-a-chip assay

Jaepil Jeong

Synthetic materials for graft immunoacceptance

Ana Mora Boza

Lymphoid-gut-on-a-chip platforms

Graduate Students

Luiza Damotta

Hydrogels to eradicate infection

Jacob Hewes

Hydrogels of intestinal organoid engraftment

Elijah Holland

Mapping the Spatiotemporal Relationships between Force, FAK, and YAP

Sophia Kioulaphides

Hydrogels for human stem-cell derived beta cells

Adriana Mulero-Russe

Engineered synthetic platform for human intestinal organoid generation and delivery

Nia Myrie

Hydrogel-delivery of Muscle Stem Cells to Dystrophic Diaphragms for Muscle Regeneration

Elisa Nieves

Mechanobiology of wound repair

Michelle Quizon

Hydrogels for islet vascularization to reverse diabetes

Angelica Torres

Vasculogenic gels for diabetes therapy