Adhesive Force Regulation and Mechanotransduction

Integrin-mediated adhesion to extracellular matrices provides forces and signals that direct cell processes central to tissue organization, homeostasis, repair, and disease. Focal adhesions (FAs) are nano/micron-scale complexes of clustered integrins and structural and signaling molecules that link the matrix to the cytoskeleton and function as principal sites of force transmission and signal transduction. Despite significant progress in defining biochemical interactions driving FA assembly and signaling, very little is known about how FAs sense and transmit force and how these forces are integrated into biochemical signals. Dr. García has integrated force-sensing platforms, photoactivatable adhesive ligands, and nano/micropatterned substrates as well as unique cell lines expressing FA mutants to analyze the regulation of adhesive forces and mechanotransduction. This research has provided unique findings about adhesive force regulation that cannot be obtained using conventional assays. Using these bioengineering platforms, Dr. García discovered that human pluripotent stem cells exhibit a unique ‘adhesive force signature’ from parental cells and differentiated progeny and established a novel strategy to rapidly and efficiently purify human stem cells and progeny based on differences in adhesive force. Dr. García established a synthetic ECM-mimetic hydrogel platform with independent control over adhesive ligand density, mechanical properties, and proteolytic degradation to study epithelial morphogenesis. This technology provides a valuable tool to study how cells transduce ECM properties into morphogenetic behaviors.

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