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Our research efforts center on integrating innovative engineering, materials science, and cell biology concepts and technologies to generate (1) novel insights into the regulation of adhesive forces and mechanotransduction, and (2) cell-instructive adhesive materials for tissue repair in regenerative medicine applications. This cross-disciplinary effort, driven by the mantra "integration, innovation, and translation," will result in a new mechanistic understanding of the interplay of mechanics and cell biology and disruptive technologies and materials for regenerative medicine.

  • Cells in Hydrogel Reverse Diabetes in Mice
    May, 2013
  • Islet Cell Transplant Progress May Lead to Type 1 Diabetes Cure
    March, 2013
  • Understanding Why Cells Stick: 'Cyclic Mechanical Reinforcement' Extends longevity of Bonds Between Cells
    February, 2013
  • Garcia Honored With Clemson Award for Basic Research
    November, 2011
  • Nanocluster Protein Coating on Titanium Strengthens Implant Attachment
    August, 2010
  • Meeting of the Minds
    April, 2010
  • Andrés García, ME, Recognized as "Hyundai Professor of Excellence" by Athletic Association

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