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Our research efforts center on integrating innovative engineering, materials science, and cell biology concepts and technologies to generate (1) novel insights into the regulation of adhesive forces and mechanotransduction, and (2) cell-instructive adhesive materials for tissue repair in regenerative medicine applications. This cross-disciplinary effort, driven by the mantra "integration, innovation, and translation," will result in a new mechanistic understanding of the interplay of mechanics and cell biology and disruptive technologies and materials for regenerative medicine.

  • CellectCell Gets Phase II Funding
    October, 2015
  • Medtown Ventures Forms New Company
    July, 2015
  • Seeds of Collaboration
    June, 2015
  • Researchers Make Blood Vessels Grow by Shining a Light on Skin
    December, 2014
  • Molecular “hats” allow in vivo activation of disguised signaling peptides
    December, 2014
  • Lasting Impact
    June, 2014
  • García Named as Rae S. and Frank H. Neely Endowed Chair
    May, 2014
  • Special Delivery
    May, 2014
  • Garcia Awarded Regents' Professorship
    October, 2013
  • Adhesive Differences Enable Separation of Stem Cells to Advance Potential Therapies
    June, 2013

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